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The Scott Lumley Show
Sunday 7-7:30pm ET
Website:  Official Website


The Scott Lumley Show is about bringing light to entrepreneurs as well as all the trials, triumphs, and everything between the two. Entrepreneurship maintains its own set of challenges, it's difficult, it's easy to get lost, to get trapped under struggles of growth and management. Scott Lumley will be sharing his knowledge and experiences as well as tapping into the knowledge and experiences of other leaders in business to illustrate the story and life of Entrepreneurship and what the risks and rewards look like on the side of success. Scott can share experiences of being on both ends of success and loss. A common story among business creators. His uniqueness stems from adversity in life, diversity in business, and every roadblock thwarting his way in life. It will be a motivational and educational experience to be a part of this audience. 


Scott Lumley has engaged successfully in real estate investing and development. His newest and most exciting project is Resolve Suite which is a cloud based real estate tool and property management software built for the motivated and determined entrepreneur. 


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